Dead Sea Full Day Trip Tour

With us, you can enjoy a memorable dead sea holiday tour. Your full day trip to the Dead Sea starts from Amman (if one to three persons, then in a Modern Sedan vehicle or we use an H1 van for accommodating four to seven).

The full-day trip to the Dead Sea will help you explore the Mount Nebo, Baptism Site, A-Mujib Siq Trail “Summer Time” and Sunset at Amman Beach.

Places to Cover on a Dead Sea Holiday Tour

Mount Nebo:

In the Bible, Mount Nebo is mentioned as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land that he would never enter. You can enjoy the view from the summit that provides a panorama of the Holy Land and the valley of the River Jordan. Form the summit, the West Bank City of Jericho and Jerusalem are visible on a very clear day. You will get an opportunity to explore the Mount Nebo on a full day trip to the Dead Sea. 


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Al-Mujib Siq Trail (Summertime):

On your Dead Sea holiday tour, you will get a chance to explore this trail that starts at the Visitor Center near the Mujib Bridge. Here you will explore the cantilevered walkway over the dam and then follow the course of the river between the towering sandstone cliffs to the base of a large waterfall. It is found that depending on seasonal rainfall levels, small ponds are formed in the gorges that are deep enough for swimming. This place is ideal for slowly walking and enjoying the cool water and shade (especially in the heat of summer).

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Dead Sea Amman Beach:

The Dead Sea Amman Beach is 2km south of the main resort strip, which is run by the municipality and great destinations for holiday tour. This gives affordable access to the Dead Sea. The grounds of the Dead Sea are attractively landscaped and the beach is pristine in condition with sun umbrellas, a vibrant local flavor, and freshwater showers. You can strike up a conversation with a Jordanian family at this place. Here you can find a number of swimming pools, a restaurant (JD10 buffet), basketball courts, some drink stalls and an amusement park next door.

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The Mountain of Nebo – Jordan Dead Sea Day Tour

Mount Nebo was inhabited since remote antiquity. However, it’s real fame derived from the biblical event that occurred upon it as described in the Book of Deuteronomy 34: the death of Prophet Moses, who climbed this holy mountain at the end of his life to see the promised land:

“Then Moses went up from the lowlands of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, eastwards from Jericho. And the Lord showed him the whole land…There in the land of Moab Moses the servant of the lord died, as the lord had said .He was buried in a valley in Moab opposite Beth-Peor ; but to this day no one knows his burial –place”

Mount Nebo rises from the Trans Jordanian plateau 7 km(4 miles) west of the city of Madaba . It is bounded on the east by the Wadi Afrit, on the north by the Wadi “Uyun Musa, on the south by the Wadi al-Judaydah which extends into the Wadi al-Kanisah .Mount Nebo’s highest crest reaches an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The other peaks are lightly lower. Of these, the two most historically important are the western peak of Siyagha with the al-Mukhayyat, identified with the Town of Nebo

In 1932 the Custody of the Terra Sancta succeeded in purchasing the spur of Siyagha and that of al-Mukhayyat

Jordan Dead Sea Full Day Tour itinerary includes the visit of Mount Nebo

The Mosaic Floors - Jordan Dead Sea Day Tour

After 60 years of work ,the best result of the Franciscan work in the mountain is the wealth of mosaic floors discovered .On mount Nebo , in the sanctuary of Moses and the surrounding monastic buildings atop Siyagha, in the churches of the village of Khirbat Al-Mukhayyat ,and the valleys of “Uyun Musa and “Ayn Al-Kanisah ,there have been preserved a concentration of mosaic works which are fundamental to understanding the development of Byzantine –Umayyad mosaic art in the territory of Madaba from the IVth to the second half of the VIIIth  century .

These are a precious archive for the history of the Christian community of the diocese of Madaba and of the monastic presence on the mountain.

The name of 8 mosaicists who worked in the sanctuary of Moses, in the village and in the valleys, add another worthwhile detail to this rich historic-artistic documentation.

The Monastic presence on Mount Nebo - Jordan Dead Sea Day Tour

We owe the first testimony for the presence of colony of monks on Mount Nebo to the pilgrim Egeria. She related her encounter with the ascetic monks who lived in cells close to the Spring of Moses in the “Uyun Musa valley.

Chronologically, the monastic presence extends from the second half of the Fourth century to the Ninth-Tenth century. The inscriptions attest the different forms of monastic life experienced on the mountain ranging from the coenobitic life in the major monastery at Siyagha to the more rigid ascetic lives as attested by the inscriptions brought to light in the small Theotokos monastery in the Wadi “Ayn al-Kanisah .

The Greek inscription with the four Rivers of Paradise in the corners (Ghion, Fison, Tigers and Euphrates) reads: “By the providence of God this venerable monastery of the holy Mother of God was rebuilt , in the days of Job , bishop of Madaba ,and of George the recluse , for the preservation of all the benefactors, in diction 15, year 6270 (762 A.D).


Trip Itinerary :

Full Day Trip Dead Sea Area:

08:00 Pick up from Home / Hotel

09:00 Madaba Mosaic Workshop

10:00 Mount Nebo - Church

11:00 Baptism Site (Bethany Beyond Jordan – Jordan River).

15:00 -17:00 Dead Sea beach

18:00 Home / Hotel Drop Off

What is Include or Excluded?


Dead Sea Full Day Private Tour from Amman.

English Speaking driver / Escort guide.

Home / Hotel Pick-up and drop-off


Entry Fees and lunch not included.

A modern vehicle with AC including gas.

Main tourism sites like Petra, Jerash, Umm Qais, & Nebo are self-guided (Local Tour guide can be used if desired)

NB: Tips are recommended for Driver/Tour guide (around 10% Total Charges)