Petra Full Day Trip Tour

Petra Day Trip From Amman - Morning departure from Amman via the desert high way to Petra – Wadi Mousa and start Petra tour by passing the marvelous Siq reaching The Treasury, and moving afterwards toward the Theater and later to The Monastery which is beautifully carved, though much less decorated than the Treasury, and so huge that even the doorway is several stories tall.

One Full Day Petra Tour seems to be well occupying you with numerous eye-catching activities.

One of the most interesting sites that you should visit either on our way to the Monastery or on our way back is the Place of Sacrifice, where you have to walk between the hills, passing the 1050 stairs to reach that site.

Leaving afternoon back to Amman after completing Petra One Day Tour.

Petra Day Tour from Amman is a great trip, with cheap - low price for people who has time limitations on their trip schedule to Jordan. You may view other Jordan Private Tours and Travel Plans and offers regarding Two Days Tour - and more on our site.

Our One Day Jordan PetraTour is the main and most prominent visit picked by Petra visitors from Amman. Sadly it is getting to be progressively critical to be additional careful when booking Petra day trips online and to twofold check the certifications of organizations offering administrations. Make sure you don’t have to compromise the quality of your Petra Tour.

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Petra One Day Tour from Amman is a great trip, with cheap - low price for people who has time limitations on their trip schedule to Jordan. You may view other Jordan Private Tours and Travel Plans and offers regarding Two Days Tour - and more on our site.


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The Main Highlights Of Our Petra Day Trip:

  • Petra Day Trip- Private Travel Tour from Amman.
  • English Speaking driver/guide.
  • Home / Hotel Pick-up and drop-off
  • A modern vehicle with AC is used.
  • Not Included- Petra entry fees, Local Tour Guide, Travel Insurance, Meals and anything not mentioned otherwise is not included

This is a Private Day Trip From Amman to Petra for up to 7 persons. One or Two Travelers may switch to Jordan Small Groups Tours Page, where they will be able to create or Join existing group tour, Group Tours, however, are not confirmed till at least 3 persons Join. 

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Petra Day Visit (Petra One Day Tour) For Comprehensive Sightseeing

Petra is a massive city, and it has hundreds of sites to see, so if a tourist would like to see most of the places in Petra, he can easily spend 3 days on the town – Wadi Mousa city, and visit diverse places on each day … But it is also feasible to see most of the major sites in Petra in marginal time which could be accomplished in few hours visit … In order to meet different guests & visitors demands and needs which mostly is restricted to time and budget limits, we – at Jordan Private Tours & Travel has designed varied plans to explore Petra. Besides full day Jordan Petra Tour we also combine other places to visit  like Petra and Wadi Rum two days Trip tour, little Petra, Petra and Wadi Rum three days tour, Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, Al Shobak Castle, Dana and Al Mujib Natural reserves are covered as well on the two days tour plans. However, Petra tour is doable in one day tour from Amman so don’t be thwarted with longer day plans if you are limited to time & budget.

The name ‘Petra’ came from the Latin word ‘petrae’, meaning ‘rock’, lies in a great rift valley east of Wadi Araba in Jordan nearly 80km south of the Dead Sea – 260 kilometers to the south – South-west of Amman – Jordan Capital. It came into standing in the late first BCE (BC) through the prosperity of the spice trade. The city was the main city of ancient Nabataea & was popular above all for 2 things: its trade & its hydraulic engineering systems. It was locally independent until the time period of Trajan, but it prospered under Roman rule. The municipality grew up around its Colonnaded. Following the flow of the Wadi Musa, the city-center was laid out on either side of the Colonnaded Street on an extended plan between the theater in the east & the Qasr al-Bint in the west. The excavation was likely opened in this time period, and there followed just about uninterrupted building through the first and the 2nd  centuries CE.

There are numerous and varied accommodations accessible in Wadi Mousa (the main city of Petra), and also a few hotels on the panoramic drive between Wadi Mousa and the nearby (15 kilometers) village of Taybeh. Camping is now illegal inside Petra and it's considered a reserve, organized & controlled by the RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature).

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Petra’s History:

For 7 centuries, Petra fell into the mists of legend, its existence a guarded secret known only to the local Bedouins & Arab tradesmen, hence Petra is sometimes known as the ‘Lost City’. Regardless of being such a crucial city in the historic period, following the fourteenth century AD, Petra was absolutely lost to the western sphere. Eventually, in 1812, a young Swiss adventurer converted to Islam named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt heard locals speaking of a "lost city" buried in the mountains of Wadi Mousa. In order to discover the site without evoking local belief, Burckhardt disguised himself as a pilgrim looking to make a sacrifice at the tomb of Aaron, a mission which would offer him a glance of the iconic city. He managed to bluff his way through effectively, and the secret of Petra was disclosed to the modern Western sphere.

Two Crusader-period mansion is known in & around Petra. The First is Al-Wu'ayra and is located just north of Wadi Musa. It can be sighted from the road to "Little Petra". It’s the castle of Valle Moise which was taken over by a band of Turks with the assistance of local Muslims & only recovered by the Crusaders after they started to ruin the olive trees of Wadi Musa. The possible loss of livelihood led the natives to negotiate a surrender. The 2nd is on the acme of el-Habis in the center of Petra & can be accessed from the West part of the Qasr al-Bint.

According to Arab custom, Petra is the site where Moses(Musa) struck a rock with his staff & water came forward, and where Moses' brother,  Aaron(Harun), is buried, at Mount Hor, known today as Jabal Haroun. The Wadi Musa is the Arab name for the slender valley at the head of which Petra is placed. A mountaintop temple of Moses' sister Miriam Was still demonstrated to pilgrims at the time of Jerome In the fourth century, but its location hasn’t been known since.

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Explore The Great Temple of Petra On A Full Day Jordan Petra Tour:

The Great Temple of Petra was 1st explored by Brunnow & Domaszewski, but it was Bachmann, in his transformation of the Petra city plan, Who postulated the being of a “Great Temple,” aligned with the Colonnade Street, Lying on the hillside to the south. He supposed that the shrine was approached via a massive Propylaeum with a huge staircase guiding into a colonnaded, terraced Lower Temenos, or sacred precinct. Another broad monumental stairway led to a second, Upper Temenos. At its center was the shrine, with yet another flight of stairs leading into the proper, while no standing structures were disclosed before this excavation, the site is littered with architectural fragments, encompassing column drums, possibly toppled by one of the earthquakes which rocked the site.Given the prospect of the Great Temple precinct & its importance in knowing Petra’s architectural & inter-cultural history, it is extraordinary that it stay unexcavated until 1993 when the Brown University investigations started.

The Monastery: From the Qasr Al-Bint, it takes around one hour to reach one of Petra’s most remarkable constructions, al-Deir “the name is the translation of the Arabic” is ("The Monastery"). Petra's largest monument dates from the 1st century BCE. It was devoted to Obodas I & is believed to be the symposium of Obodas the god. To truly experience Petra’s immensity & power, a visit here is a must.

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Petra - One of the 7 Wonders :

Well known for its charm & ancient cultural legacy, Petra marks the accomplishment of an awesome civilization, the Nabatean Arabs, who absolutely carved the city into its mountains. It was considered an essential strategic location as a linkup and point of convergence between the Arabian Peninsula to the south and the Levant in the north, to the far country of China and to the heart of Europe through Siq. Petra represents a central convergence of the old trading routes between the Arabian Peninsula, Levant, China and Europe.

The Locations You’ll Cover On Your One-Day Petra Tour:

The Dam- The Siq – The Treasury - The Street of Facades – The theater – The silk tomb – The Monastery – The Great Temple – Churches – Baptism Street and the Area of Sacrifice.