Islamic Sites in Jordan

Prophet Dawud / David

The Prophet Dawud was both a Prophet and King of his people, the Children of Israel. He slew Jalut I Goliath and succeeded Talut I Saul as King. To him God revealed the Psalms, and with him the very hills and the birds sung God s praises.

He campaigned for many years and defeated the enemies of his people. Unlike in Christianity and Judaism, the Prophet Dawud is regarded as impeccable in Islam, and to say otherwise is sacrilegious. He spent some time in Jordan, whilst he was at odds with Saul, and later whilst he was on campaign.

Prophet Dawud “David” Shrine in Jordan at Mazar Al-Shamali

 Prophet Dawud David Shrine

Prophet Sulayman

The Prophet Sulayman was the son of the Prophet Dawud J and his successor as King of Israel. From his early childhood, he was known for his proverbial wisdom and for his piety. As a king he was given powers and domination over the earth that no man - before or after him - has or would ever be given, and these included control over the Jinn, control over the Winds and under­ standing the Language of the Birds. As with his father, the Prophet Dawud , he is regarded as impeccable in Islam, and to say otherwise is also sacrilegious. Amongst the stories related about him in the Holy Qur an, is a story of his forcing the Queen of Sheba to come to him and to accept the one God.

Prophet Sulayman Shrine in Jordan at Sarfah, near Kerak

Prophet Sulyman Shrine

Prophet Ayyub / Job

The Prophet Ayyub / Job was a descendant of the Prophet Ibrahim. He is mentioned in the Qur an as an example of patience and endurance. He was a wealthy man who underwent great trials in his wealth, his family and his health, but accepted them patiently.

Prophet Ayyub / Job Tomb in Jordan at Salt city

Prophet Ayyub Job tomb