Prince Hassan Highlights ‘Commonalities’ of Cultures, Praises Jerusalem Preservation Efforts

Prince Hassan Highlights ‘Commonalities’ of Cultures, Praises Jerusalem Preservation Efforts

 AMMAN — The study of antiquities and history helps remind us all that we are one, HRH Prince Hassan said on Saturday.

 There is only one human civilisation, under which so many cultures have grown and diversified, and the study of this heritage and history helps bring to light the originality of humankind and the commonalities that unite it, the Prince underlined.

 Prince Hassan addressed the 14th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan, held in Florence, Italy, during a special dialogue session.

 He called for enabling specialised institutions in the region to help preserve the heritage and history of human civilisation, and protect spiritual and religious endowments around the world.

 It is an integral part of international heritage, according to a statement issued by His Highness’ office.

 The Prince praised the role of Jordanian archaeologists in preserving the history and heritage of the region, including efforts to protect Islamic and Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem. 

 Protecting these sites is of great value to global efforts to preserve human heritage, as well as for the attainment of peace, according to Prince Hassan.

 Dialogue between the followers of different faiths and religions is crucial for the prosperity of human civilisation and its cultures, he underscored.

 More so, empowering and enabling institutions in the region to protect and safeguard the sanctity of spiritual and religious endowments can greatly benefit interfaith dialogue, the Prince said.

 President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Eugenio Giani highlighted the importance of cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

 Enlightenment and acceptance of diversity are imperative to enhancing humanitarian action, Giani noted.

 Italian Ambassador to Jordan Fabio Cassese went over various cooperative programmes between the two countries on heritage preservation.

 Guido Vannini, chairman of the conference’s scientific committee, said that the event covered the importance of developing new strategies in archaeology and preservation of heritage, noting that crises necessitate joint work for a new cultural approach that contributes to realising others’ heritage. 

 On another note, Prince Hassan also called for integration among civil society institutions and the public and private sectors, to help safeguard people’s dignity and secure a better quality of life for citizens.

 He also highlighted the important role of the media to authenticate and publish accurate, objective information.