60000 Visitors In Aqaba In Eid Al-Adha /2014

60000 Visitors In Aqaba In Eid Al-Adha /2014

The number of visitors to Aqaba during the first two days of the holiday (Eid Al-Adha), to about 60 000 visitors from various governorates of the Kingdom is witnessing in the streets of the coastal city s busiest beaches and unprecedented due to the large influx of people into the city.

The head of the authority of the Special Zone Acting Commissioner of Revenue and Customs Saleh Nejadat that one incident did not occur during the holiday despite the congested areas of Aqaba all and the existence of a crisis functioning in the lively streets, but pointed out that all relevant agencies in Aqaba work concerted all efforts to provide better services for visitors and vacationers.

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Nejadat also enhanced cleaning operations during the holiday by extra number of workers reached 200 a cleaner with a focus on areas where significant human busiest private beach area south where there are camps and vacationers increase traffic on those beaches, which reached the height of its capacity.

He ensured that the occupancy rate in all hotels in Aqaba and apartments hotel and got to 100 percent during the second and third days of the day of the Eid Al-Adha( Fully Booked),, with intensified Directorate of Health Control and Monitoring Directorate and the implementation of its activities in all parts of Aqaba to provide better services and monitoring the commitment of all businesses that deal with food to provide services feeding is healthy and safe.

Nejadat called all visitors and vacationers to maintain the cleanliness of the city and maintain all facilities that had previously processed by the authority of the region in the area of private beaches, saying that the responsibility of every visitor to maintain proper facilities provide service to all citizens.jordan tours aqaba hotel 107 20170524 2054912666

He indicated that the Authority has prepared a plan Court included all across the city in order to receive these large numbers of citizens and service them properly, as has been raising the pace of coordination and organization with all the relevant agencies in the province to spend the holiday safe away from any accidents or problematic.