Dana Natural Richness And Depth Timeline

Dana Natural Richness And Depth Timeline

Dana Nature Reserve tops the favorite destinations for residents of Tafila in southern Jordan for days and Eid al-Adha holidays, especially in the absence of many places nearby for hiking and recreation.

And confirmed the Directorate of Tourism Tafileh that protected, which opened its doors from the seventh morning of the first day of Eid is a haven President to enjoy in the province is experiencing with the region,

"Afra Falls" and places other natural increase multiplier in the number of visitors from all parts of the Kingdom as well as the influx of tourist groups streak.

And allows round in protected visit an archaeological site stone takes the form of carved memorial clarifies the definition of both sides it was the intent break from the rigors of long-haul flights in the Ottoman era In contrast, there are the tombs of Nabatean before cutting about 5 kilometers "trot" between the rocks to get to the village, "Dana" where handicrafts and local industries and Alternative Carriers tools stemming from the region s environment.

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Dana has been erected protected area exceeded the (300 km 2) varied in terrain to reach the peaks of the (1500 m) above sea level and extends to the plains desert of Wadi Araba punctuated by a number of valleys, and diversity of this between the valley and the valleys and mountains appeared diversity of geological between sandstones passing stones limestone and ending in granite,, addition to the acquisition of overlap regionally unique starting from the “Mediterranean” region and even the province “Erana_ Ataiwrani” passing through the province of the Arabian desert and ending with the province of Sudan, which has produced the richness and diversity of ecosystems and patterns of plant, thanks to the difference in the rates of rainfall and temperature, and contrast rises to reflect on meeting of opposites, for example, you can find trees giant cypress evergreen with belonging Mediterranean wet and without small shrubs from Wormwood with belonging to the plateau “Turanian “most in need of temperatures and less demand for water, as you find oak trees and juniper and without them bushes of juniper and drainage also find that black Iris Palace she grew along with oak aging.

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So Dana is this momentum and plant diversity, which increased from (687) species crowned logged three types of plants for the first time in the history of science late last century, in the year (1992) has carried the name Dana within the scientific name to commemorate her .

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It was natural that subsisted on this vegetation a cover animal more versatile where he gained some recipe scarcity and some threatened locally, regionally and globally endangered instance, maintains Dana cane head start to register the first animal of a fox Afghan in Jordan, and is the first place built where bird punishment Black nest,Dana is also credited with possessing the largest number of Kanar Syrian estimated (70%) of its presence globally, as was recorded between (200_ 300) kind of invertebrate animals and two types of amphibians and 36 species of reptiles, including four endangered species have been listed in the Red Book.


The birds protected has increased for the (200) Type of them (33) The importance of regional and global terms recorded extensively numerical high inside the reserve, and the birds of global importance Aysag and Syrian Serin, not to mention the presence of birds are threatened with extinction, such as the punishment of weather-beaten and king vultures are either those on the brink of extinction is represented Btir Mirza lackluster. When talking about mammals have been recorded (45) species, including 12 endangered species, namely, ((wolf, leopard, lynx, fox Afghan Ghazal Afri, hull, wild cat, cat desertfox sanding, striped hyena, the pile of rock and goats mountain)).

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As the Dana area not limited importance of biodiversity, but is also a region rich in heritage and ancient history the old, where indicated discoveries found in Khirbet Finnan on Astttiyan rights since the seventh century BC, through the activities that accompanied the man of the age of extracting copper played a key role in the lives of people for thousands of years and are still traces Mnaghm remain so far, as indicated discoveries presence graves tablespoons of Christians in the north and south of the experience which shows that Christians came to Finan Baida great at the beginning of their conversion to Christianity to escape the oppression practiced against them in the beginnings of the advent of Christianity in the Romanian state,

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But there is another opinion says that the advent of Christians in this issue may be pilgrims came to pray at the site evidenced by the presence of remnants of the bishopric belonging to the Patriarchate in the province of Palestine, while the third view says that these tombs may be for Christian workers punished by the Romanian state after notarization of their Christianity, this is in addition to the finding the remains of agricultural systems of the large walls erected to be fields and retain soil in addition to being complex to civilian settlement included the remains of buildings and large systems and networks to the streets of the industrial water channels and reservoirs. This was reportedly the first mention of the area Finnan in the thirteenth century BC text issued by Ramses II, the Pharaoh of Egypt on behalf of (bwnw) as one of the areas inhabited by nomads and lasted until the sixth century BC, either the name of Khirbet Feinan was first mentioned to him have been in the (1807) .


Although the means and methods of protection exist for this region and open the way for the exercise of the activities of various environmental such as the control of stars, birds and enjoy nature, flowers, although identifying pathways that can are used by the visitor and not allowing cars to enter the camp and tourist despite determine visitor numbers allowed them to enter the camp, all of order regulation and the protection of protected and providing the means for entertainment are compatible with the environment, such as the establishment of camps for visitors with guest houses in the village antique has been updated not to mention the creation of the first eco-friendly hotel in Jordan, relying on natural resources, energy generation, such as the use of solar energy to generate electricity and heat water where the class of the best fifty environmental hotels worldwide

But there are dangers threaten protected mention of them on the Siebel example not Alhasralraei Gairahit was living in protected more than 900 head of sheep subsisted by approximately (500) citizen so it was necessary to address this problem is to organize and identify areas allowed for grazing and specified period of the year hunting and fishing, especially some endangered animals and birds metal hull Shunnar

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And can be reluctant to protected stay in the camp is equipped with facilities eligible for overnight to enroll in the program contagious, accompanied by proof of its biking amid the hills for two hours, walking between lanes Valley "Goyer" narrow and visit the copper mines and old canal Romania and closer towards the nearly 170 species of colorful birds.