Jordan Archaeological Sites

Jordan Archaeological Sites

Building featuring water fountains built for water nymphs in the late second century AD. Where the way is still known as (Nmviom) raises fantasies visitor and tourist a marble basin stately two-story marble and decorated the bottom of the magnificent facades while adorn the highest geometric configuration wonderful.


(South Gate) .. (gate Philadelphia) was built in the second century AD.

(Street columns) .. the main street in the city of Jerash Romania and long, 800 m.

(North runway) .. the most important buildings of the northern part of the city has finished construction faithful years 164-165 AD.

(Temple of Artemis) .. The Goddess Temple Guardian of the city, was built in the second century of the most exquisite features of Jerash, which also includes the historic temples of Zeus and Jupiter and the chamber and the cemetery and turf and irrigation canals and luxury bathrooms.

(Alheibodorm) .. also called the playground or circus horse, is located to the left of Hadrian s Arch and then extends towards the north, which is shaped (U), and filled the three sides raised the cellars.

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(Square Symposium) .. open square in the city center, an oval shape surrounded by Greek columns.

(Cathedral) .. with a massive stone gate rich images carved a breathtaking beautiful religious buildings in (Jerash).

(Brkia Jerash) .. headquarters of the Roman celebrations of the coming of spring and one of the main sources of water supply to Jerash, which is now known as the "eye of Kairouan"


(Mosaic map): Dating back to the sixth century, including Jerusalem and the holy land. Map replete with a tremendous amount of local stone with bright colors, and depicts hills and valleys, villages, and cities that link to the Nile Delta.

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Amra Qusayr: it is a small palace is located fifty miles east of Amman, was built by Waleed bin Abdul Malik, did not know anything about the palace, but in the year 1898, the date of the features of the life of the Umayyad Caliphate. It features pictures of the magnificent walls and inscriptions beautiful birds and animals and floral motifs.

Shawbak Castle :Located at an altitude of 1330 m above sea level and is about an hour from the city of Petra on the desert road,believed to be inhabited area Shobak Al adomah in the period, then re-restored in the Nabataean period, and it seems to have used a small monastery for monks even rebuilt Prince Crusader Baldwin.