Petra The Greatest Wonder

Petra The Greatest Wonder

A visit to the city at night to light candles and dim lighting and the rhythms played accompanied with beautiful Rababa and carries with it a new character in the tourism, which is no longer silent or merely take notes on the potential location and stones, and thus complete the elements of the scene image, voice and touch.


And Petra at night, or so-called foreign tourists (petra by night) have a special charm; which includes tourists program in Petra to visit the site at night, starting from the entry gate to Petra, and it passed the siq until arrival at the Treasury.

And permeate the way that take an hour back and forth lit candles lend atmosphere charming to tourists along the road.

Once up the tourists to the site even louder voices of their emotions and impressed in the treasury , then they sit on the ground with silent for long moments waiting for to start pieces of music with of the Rababa musician who set in the middle and playing for them from the ancient heritage and Arabic singing, and to start playing even echoed between the walls of the treasury in Amid the silence of those present and enjoyment of audio and video, by history presence of geography.

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The new museum of Petra

On March 1- 2014,  PDTRA ( Petra development and tourism region authority ) and JICA  (The Japan International Cooperation Agency) signed an agreement to establish new modern museum near to the visitor center, to show casing the antiquities of the Nabatean city of Petra, the museum will provide an appropriate venue for exhibiting historical cultural property and preserving the archaeological site and the constructions operations would start in the next month s near to the main entrance of Petra.

These pieces contained in the museum indicate on the long history of the city rock pink on top of a high mountain bumpy tract difficult to access on foot, and on the doors of Petra established locals stalls selling handicraft heritage like fakhar ornaments and bottles colorful suitable Memorabilia pretty amazing trip and visit unique...

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Tombs in Petra :

Many of the tombs are occupied by Arabs, and during the day the cliffs echo to the strange cries with which they herd and control their flocks of goats. After sunset their fires make tiny points of light in the enveloping darkness, and snatches of song may occasionally be heard, pitched in a high, wavering tone, and sounding unnaturally loud in the utter stillness.

High up on the mountains to the west is the great building known to the Arabs as the Deir, or Convent. Judging from its elevated position, this may have been a temple rather than a tomb, and a small altar set in a niche at the back of its one room seems to confirm this. From here a truly wonderful view is obtained down to the Wadi Arabah, some 4000 feet below, and on a clear day the mountains of Palestine and Sinai can be seen to the west and south, and on top of a peak to the southeast is the tomb of Aaron.

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The very memory of the great and mighty city was lost, its situation completely forgotten, and it became a legend of mystery and wonder. Explorers tried in vain to find its fabled glories, but the utter inaccessibility of the rocky fastness, and the wildness of the few inhabitants of the surrounding district, kept for centuries the secret of its entrance. Mysterious and elusive, it excited the imagination of all early travelers, and finally in 1812 Burckhardt succeeded in penetrating the veil. He was the first European to look upon the fallen glory that was Petra, or, at least, the first to return and tell an astonished world about it:

The great number of the tombs, their huge size and variety of form, stagger the imagination, and evoke wonder and admiration for the minds and wills of the people who could conceive and bring into being such great and beautiful monuments.

The giant red mountains and vast mausoleums of a departed race have nothing in common with modern civilization, and ask nothing of it except to be appreciated at their true value - as one of the greatest wonders ever wrought by Nature and Man.