Lonely Planet Lists Jordan Among World’s Top 10 Destinations

 A safe haven in a region of conflict, Jordan has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage Sites, friendly towns and inspiring desert landscapes.

Jordan Currency Museum

Located in King Hussein Street, the Central Bank of Jordan Currency Museum houses an incredible display of historical and modern Jordanian currencies. The depth of the exhibits that go back through Jordan history, even as far as the beginning of civilization, leaves people surprised at their expectations of the museum.

Eleven Thousands Tourists at the Baptism Site

The site manager of the Baptism of Jesus Christ (Baptism site - Bethany Beyond Jordan) Eng. Diyaa Al-Madani showed that the number of visitors to the Baptism site for the last month of October, reached nearly 11,000 visitors and tourists, 

Ancient Stone Circles In Jordan Baffle Archaeologists

Huge stone circles in the Middle East have been imaged from above, revealing details of structures that have been shrouded in mystery for decades.Archaeologists in Jordan have taken high-resolution aerial images of 11 ancient "Big Circles," all but one of which are around 400 meters (1,312 feet) in diameter.

60000 Visitors In Aqaba In Eid Al-Adha /2014

The number of visitors to Aqaba during the first two days of the holiday (Eid Al-Adha), to about 60 000 visitors from various governorates of the Kingdom is witnessing in the streets of the coastal city s busiest beaches and unprecedented due to the large influx of people into the city.

Royal Automobile Museum

If you re a fan of museums and experience the moments that were not full of its present, or perhaps we re not link more than watch television or read in a book, you should visit a museum that gives you moments close to the truth more than any other way Show the other.

Tourists’ Transportation In Petra

The head of the authority of the province of Petra Tourism Development, Dr. Mohammed Al nawafleh  said that there are several projects operated currently by the regional authority to implement them soon to promote tourism in the province and an economic solution to most of the existing problems.

Entrance Fees To The 7 Wonders

Without doubt worthy of Petra inclusion in the 7 Wonders list as anyone who has been fortunate to visit can confirm. The walk along the Siq is punctuated with curious carvings and freezes, all the while building up to that climax: the first sighting of the Treasury.

Natural Reserves In Jordan

There are at present six nature reserves in Jordan organized and managed by The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). They have recently launched a national program to establish further protected areas in Jordan, to join the six nature reserves already operational in the country.

Wadi Al-Mujib Reserve

Wadi Al-Mujib: The Beach is to be known as Mujib Camp, this campsite offers stunning scenery and the chance to experience the unique sensation of floating in the saltiest sea on earth. There are 15 persons tents, insulated from the extremes of heat, sitting among shrubs of tamarisk.

Gulf of Aqaba

Aqaba combination of history, nature and life of the city, surrounded by picturesque mountains and blue sea. Is it not enough that this city has a warm and sunny all year round, which invites you to relax on the beaches and participate in fun games marine, and explore the coral reefs in the Red Sea ... Red Sea distinct in itself,

Al Romanah Camp

Al-Rumanah camp in "Dana" .. for those seeking the beauty of nature and stillness. The camp is located within the boundaries of the Dana reserve, which covers an area of ​​over 300 square kilometers and is considered as one of the most important sanctuaries of Jordan with overlapping strange and large in geographic regions of plant,

Petra The Greatest Wonder

A visit to the city at night to light candles and dim lighting and the rhythms played accompanied with beautiful Rababa and carries with it a new character in the tourism, which is no longer silent or merely take notes on the potential location and stones, and thus complete the elements of the scene image, voice and touch.

Jordan Archaeological Sites

Building featuring water fountains built for water nymphs in the late second century AD. Where the way is still known as (Nmviom) raises fantasies visitor and tourist a marble basin stately two-story marble and decorated the bottom of the magnificent facades while adorn the highest geometric configuration wonderful.

Thamudic Inscriptions In Wadi Rum

“The rock has a series of hands signifying - what ? The friend who drove me here kindly lent his hand to show the scale - pretty much the same size as a hand today. I have no explanation of the rock, just that this is another kind of inscription”A small village to the northwest of the temple was founded by the Nabataeans including a bath complex.

Dana Camp Tourism Season Begins

The director of Dana Biosphere Amer Alrfoa said that “Al-Rumanah  Environmental Tourism Camp tourist season began this year on Tuesday to receive batches of domestic tourists , Arabs and foreigners with a capacity of up to 135 visitors a day” .

New Seven Wonders of The World


In 2007, more than 100 million people voted to declare the New Seven Wonders of the World. The following list of seven winners is presented without ranking, and aims to represent global heritage.

Museum Of Jordan Opens In Amman

The Museum of Jordan has opened in the country’s capital, Amman, housing over 2,000 artefacts from Jordanian history, including the Dead Sea Scrolls.The museum features nine major exhibition themes, showcasing Jordan’s environment, food, architecture, trade, politics, communication, industry, religion and daily domestic life through a range of interactive displays.

A Song Shot In Jordan

Thank you so much my dear friends for being together in Jordan and making those two days ever memorable and sharing the photos and video. The whole tour trip presented me a Hollywood movie thriller experience with the climax that I would like to share with you. As you bid me farewell, I quickly moved to take the boarding pass.

Rum Astro Photography

Astrophotography is simply taking a photograph of an object in space, whether it s with a point-and-shoot camera, the Hubble Space Telescope or any other type of camera. And the subject matter can include anything from the moon to the Milky Way.One of the best places to do this in Jordan is at Wadi Rum,

La Storia

Come and discover the richness of our ancient land, the heritage of all humanity, discover the history and experience the culture and traditions of Jordan.An exciting journey through history you can experience at La Storia Tourism Complex where you can see at its large exhibition the religious, historical and cultural heritage of Jordan and the region.It s located 2 kilometers.

Dana Natural Richness And Depth Timeline

Dana Nature Reserve tops the favorite destinations for residents of Tafila in southern Jordan for days and Eid al-Adha holidays, especially in the absence of many places nearby for hiking and recreation.

Sky Gate Telescope In Wadi Rum

 In September 2013, “Sky Gate” was unveiled to the public in Wadi Rum in Jordan. Sky Gate a project that is designed not only to educate scientists, students and tourists on astronomy but also helps alleviate poverty and stimulate tourism in the region , particularly in Jordan.

The Seventh Camel Race At Wadi Rum

Under the patronage of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates was launched on Monday, 10/20/2014 at Wadi Rum ,  Al deseh area , the Festival of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the seventh of camel racing with the participation of more than (200) racer.

Mountain Goats In Wadi Rum

Aqaba Authority Special Economic Zone launched in collaboration with the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, in the protected area Of Wadi Rum , on Wednesday, a hundred of mountain goats (Nubian Ibex - Capra ibex nubiana) donated by the agency earlier, to preserve this endangered animal due to poaching and hunting.