A Song Shot In Jordan

A Song Shot In Jordan

Thank you so much my dear friends for being together in Jordan and making those two days ever memorable and sharing the photos and video. The whole tour trip presented me a Hollywood movie thriller experience with the climax that I would like to share with you. As you bid me farewell, I quickly moved to take the boarding pass.

Within 20 minutes, without much strain I got the boarding pass and I moved to the launch as my left knee started to pain. I got a seat from where I started to take quick rewind of the past three days so as to forget the pain and recharge myself. 3 days of trip began to flash in my mind like a spring that soothed my pain and filled my heart and mind with a fresh energy. Finally, I boarded flight at 08:15 pm and settled well in my seat. The take off was expected at 08:50. Still there is half an hour more. Passengers were coming in and settling themselves in their respective seats. My seat number was 26 F. It was a window seat. I would always like to get a window seat so that I can look outside. Then, there came one couple who requested me whether I could move to seat number 26 D. I was pleased to move as this young and seemingly newly wedded couple required much of their space with a bit of privacy.

Besides me there was a naughty boy who was presenting enough troubles to his mom. I smiled at him and he became my new friend as he very often looked at me with smiles while he was gaming in his gadget. Everything seemed quite normal. Only 15 minutes were left for the scheduled take off. People were still coming in and settling themselves. Crews were giving some directions to some of the passengers on where to put their hand carry and so on.

Suddenly, one young man rushed to the back side of the flight saying something. He was followed by two or three crews. He passed me and he was saying "don t touch me. I will blow it up". Then, I noticed something in hand that seemed a cigarette lighter and he was having a small bag with him. He suddenly took seat number 29 B. He continued his threatening "I would blow it up and I want to kill the king, he knows me very well"......

The crews tried to calm him asking whether he was drunk or drugged. He replied that he was quite normal but he wanted to blow it up. My God! I started to panic. One crew quietly asked him whether he was aware of the consequences of what he was doing for that he replied that he was very much aware and still he continued his threat. I have seen and read this like situation only in movies or media. Oh! what I would do. There were 180 passengers and 6 crews. Are we in danger? Is having explosives with him? My God, the little child is still playing without knowing what was happening around him. The crews asked this man s travelling document. But he hesitated to cooperate with. He wanted to kill the king and blow the airport. The young couple sat beside me sensed the danger of the situation and they began to look at each other with fear.

I did not know what to do. Still the crews tried to talk to him asking where he was going and from where he was coming and so on. He did not reply those questions and he reiterated his threat with much determination in his face. Suddenly, one security personnel tried to get hold of what was in his hand. The young man resisted this attempt and threatened with grave consequences if they try to touch him again. All were at a loss. It is actually time to take off. But no way. The captain asked us to get out of the flight as the situation was worsening. People began to move out. Some of the people who are in the front side did not know what was happening. They cursed the time and they were moving very slowly. I was afraid that anything could happen. I was asking myself why people are so slow in moving out. Scene of big explosion and fire began to come into my mind. I was shivering at the very thought of it. I began to pray God "God, save all of us from all dangers". We all were quickly evacuated and security personnel rushed to the flight and the young man was finally taken out. We were asked to go to launch.

We were not sure the if the flight would take off or not. I was totally tired. Security personnel made search in the flight and made sure that everything was ok. Much to the relief, we boarded flight again at 09:50 and flight took off at 10:10 pm. All of us were happy that the schedule was not cancelled. I said myself "Love you Jordan. You have given me incredible days that would be cherished for life. God willing, I will come again. You gifted me two new friends, Mr. Mustafa and Mr. Branco".

I could notice the relief from all. I noticed that the little child was even more happier and he was smiling at me. The young couple sat beside me were holding their hands more tightly.

Finally, we landed at King Khaled International Airport at 01:00 am.

The climax of the trip was the fitting one to the whole trip that I had. Sweet memoirs only left in my mind.

Love you Jordan......................

Thank you friends.......................

Now, I am back to work with busy schedules

Friends, I would like to give you one YouTube link below of one recently released hit Indian movie song (Movie: krrish 3, song "tu hi bata" starred by Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra). A beautiful song shot from Jordan (Wadi-Rum, Petra & Dead sea).


Hope you would enjoy this song.