Museum Of Jordan Opens In Amman

Museum Of Jordan Opens In Amman

The Museum of Jordan has opened in the country’s capital, Amman, housing over 2,000 artefacts from Jordanian history, including the Dead Sea Scrolls.The museum features nine major exhibition themes, showcasing Jordan’s environment, food, architecture, trade, politics, communication, industry, religion and daily domestic life through a range of interactive displays.

Based in the downtown area of Ras al-‘Ayn, the Museum of Jordan also includes reconstructions of ancient dwellings, showcasing how Bedouins have lived in the country through the years.

Other interactive opportunities include dressing up in traditional Jordanian clothing, tracking the location of minerals throughout the country and translating your name into Aramaic, Nabataean, Greek, and Arabic.

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The launch of the museum comes hot on the heels of the launch of the Museum at the Lowest Point on Earth.

Located 1,329 feet below sea level at the southern edge of the Dead Sea, the museum is just a short distance from Byzantine monastery that commemorates Lot’s Cave.

Designed in collaboration with the British Museum, the museum provides visitors with descriptions of diverse populations that have inhabited the Dead Sea shores over the past millennia.

Visitors to the museum can also view 4,500 year old pottery excavated from Bab edh-Dhra and Numeira (commonly considered to be the biblical towns of Sodom and Gomorrah), as well as ancient tombstones and Bronze Age ceramics recovered from inside Lot’s Cave.

The museum also boasts a café run by the local women’s co-operative.