Jordan Small Group Tours

Jordan Small Group Tours

Small Group Tours ( Maximum of 7 ) with Promotion and lower price for solo travelers - Book your tour today and Get Lower Price when Others Join

Authentic experience to remember

Authentic experience to remember

With tens of local tours and destinations offered in Jordan, Jordan Private Tours and Travel are your natural choice for planning it all out!

Your Memorable Jordan tour starts here

Your Memorable Jordan tour starts here

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It is Not Just a Tour with Jordan Private Tours

It is Not Just a Tour with Jordan Private Tours

We offer a wide variety of activities and tour packages in Jordan and wish you an adventurous new year – one full of new experiences and few punctures!

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Two Day Samll Group Tour ( Up to 7 Travelers)

Small Group Tour

Two Day Small Group Tour ( Up to 7 Travelers)

This is one of the most affordable tourism offers in Jordan, where we will visit 3 wonderful places and passing through amazing roads in Two-Days Trip (Petra - Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea ... We will start our trip early morning by going directly to Petra , and we ll start the tour once we arrive to Wadi Mousa - Petra after 3 hours of driving. H1 Van up to 7 for the Small Group Tour option. 

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  • Jerash , What’s Different ?

    JERASH is one of the three great classical city sites of the Near East. Jerash , however, altogether different from Petra and Palmyra. The grandeur of Jerash is tempered by a charm to which one can relate immediately. Here the gods of antiquity presided benignly over the everyday life of the people, and still one can feel this human measure.

  • Petra Myths and Reality

    Once the stronghold of the talented Nabataean people Petra is renowned for its massive carved architecture and its ingenious pools, dams and water channels. Over 2000 years later, Petra is one of the Middle East s most significant sites of antiquity.

  • Petra and Game Boards

    Game Boards :

    Throughout Petra and in other Nabataean sites, various board games that are found in ancient Petra ,, the most common ancient board game that was discovered was from a game played on a 4 x 12 playing board. Each of the playing spots was actually a small cup carved into the rock.

About Jordan
  • Machaerus and Mukawer

    The modern village of Mukawer is located 30 km to the southwest of Madaba on the south bank of Wadi Zarqa Ma in (see Appendix _The Waters of Callirhoe and Baarou/Baaras, below). It preserves the name of the Hnsmonean-Hcrodian fortress of Machaerus built on the southern border of Jewish Peraea against the Nabataeans. It also has remains from the Roman-Byzantine period.

  • Umm Ar-Rasas

    Umm al-Rasas(also spelled Umm ar-Rasas and Um er-Rasas) is an important archaeological site that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2004. Its structures date from the 3rd to 9th centuries and most have not yet been excavated. The site is especially known for its magnificent Byzantine mosaics, which have been uncovered in two churches dating from the 6th and 8th centuries,,

  • Dead Sea Panoramic Complex

    Dead Sea Panoramic Complex is Perched at the edge of the Zara mountain range, between Ma’in hot springs and the Dead Sea basin, the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex offers some of the most spectacular views in the Kingdom. From the observation terrace you can absorb breathtaking vistas over the Jordan Rift Valley and Dead Sea basin and you can dine in style watching sunrise or sunset over the mountains of the Holy Land.

  • Jordan Reserves

    Jordan is blessed with an incredible natural diversity. Nowhere is this more visible than in the seven nature reserves of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). From the desert oasis of the Azraq Wetland Reserve to the dramatic gorges and rivers of the Wadi Mujib Reserve, this system of reserves protects much of Jordan s most dramatic topography,