Royal Automobile Museum

Royal Automobile Museum

If you re a fan of museums and experience the moments that were not full of its present, or perhaps we re not link more than watch television or read in a book, you should visit a museum that gives you moments close to the truth more than any other way Show the other.

and perhaps the earliest of these museums to the heart is Royal Automobile Museum of Jordan.

Located Royal Automobile Museum in King Hussein Park in the highway of the city medical depicts Museum Jordan s history Hashemi modern, as used cars offered to shed light on the life of the late Hussein Bin Talal and highlight aspects of his life, as well as the history of the kingdom from the reign of the late King Abdullah I and until the era of His Majesty King Abdullah II, brought out through the important events of the cars

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Time begins with the museum from seven in the morning until ten pm, seven days a week, except on Tuesday, and Friday, inaugurating of nine in the morning

The museum was established at the behest of His Majesty King Abdullah II to provide the memory about the life of the late King Hussein Bin Talal abundant and who was known for his love of cars, in addition to the exercise of his race car in the area of ​​Tel pomegranate.

It was not the focus of late on the outer shape of the car as it was on the car s performance and quality, as it was always believed that the car is good that responds to the capabilities of the driver and checks his ambition.

The importance of these cars does not lie in being the cars, but also the man who led the historical stages that took place, making it the imprint clear time for the life of the late king, and if we’re not had visited Auto Expo Royal, why don t you visit now, especially for children who did not live historical moments excavated in the minds of Jordanians.

There are currently at the Royal Automobile Museum, located in King Hussein Park, a replica of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost armored, which had already been used by the British army during battles in World War and the first and the Great Arab Revolt, and matched the car the one that was used by Lawrence of Arabia in roaming in East Jordan, which was annexed it where the late King Faisal.

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It is worth mentioning that he believed widely, that these cars are legendary first motor vehicles enter Jordan and indicates that the British officers were the first paved roads starting from Aqaba to the north and they are riding in the armored cars.

The engineering talent took over in the Jordanian Armed Forces to build the vehicle version, which matches the specifications of the original elements of the car almost completely. Has already offered this car for the first time during a military parade the Great, which was conducted on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Jordanian Armed Forces