Wadi Al-Mujib Reserve

Wadi Al-Mujib Reserve

Wadi Al-Mujib: The Beach is to be known as Mujib Camp, this campsite offers stunning scenery and the chance to experience the unique sensation of floating in the saltiest sea on earth. There are 15 persons tents, insulated from the extremes of heat, sitting among shrubs of tamarisk.

They have simple beds over polished concrete floors and bed linen is provided, as well as lanterns and other essential equipment. Toilets and showers are in a separate complex and there are additional standing showers on the shore to wash off the salt after bathing. Meals can be provided on request.(open all year through).

Wadi Almujib Mujib Siq Trail

The terrain of the Wadi Mujib Reserve consists of rugged, arid mountains and flowing rivers. The deeply cut sandstone mountains of the Mujib Reserve span an elevation drop of over 1,200 meters: from 900m above sea level to 400m below - the lowest ground level on Earth. Because of this dramatic change in altitude and the presence of several flowing rivers, it has many different habitats, supporting a wide variety of plants and animals.

Hiking in Mujib: Mujib is a very rough, warm area and the walk is called adventure walk because it contains swimming and hiking for long hours in addition to descending a 20 m high waterfall. They are difficult yet fun trails and one has to have the ability to swim and have no fear of water and heights. It is tough, exciting, offering a chance to swim and bathe in the cool, clear waters of the Mujib and Malaqi rivers. Participants should expect to climb rocks against water flows and jump into pools of water.

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The most exciting attraction of Mujib is the adventure tour along the river: an all day trip which takes you through deep canyons and pools where you can swim and enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife. This guided tour is available 6 times a week and is limited to groups of 25 and less. There are other shorter hikes and you can stay overnight in the wilderness campsite. Visits to the ibex breeding enclosure are included in another walk.Jordan Tours 5Apr2017 Wadi Mujib Trail 065

Mujib is a wonderful place for nature lovers who are fit and enjoy walking. Facilities are simple and it can get very hot in summer. The Mujib Trail is popular and pre-booking is essential. You can book either directly at the Reserve or by phone/fax or email directly to the RSCN at the addresses given at the top of the page. The details below come from the RSCN prospectus.

Mujib Canyon Trail (Waterfall) : this trail is like the Malaqi trail, offering the same route which goes all the way to the Hidan river, but this trail only takes 4 hours. (The beginning of the hike is under the sun (1 hour) but it becomes cool when you reach the water). (Open from the 1st of April until the 31st of October)