Gulf of Aqaba

Gulf of Aqaba

Aqaba combination of history, nature and life of the city, surrounded by picturesque mountains and blue sea. Is it not enough that this city has a warm and sunny all year round, which invites you to relax on the beaches and participate in fun games marine, and explore the coral reefs in the Red Sea ... Red Sea distinct in itself,

which is home to hundreds of different species of coral and sponge, it is also home to the charming colored fish. All these colors strewn profusely and beauty at the feet of Aqaba, which is sheltering from the other side of the desert of Jordan which takes you to Wadi Rum and Petra in short times.

What makes it unique is the obstacle secrets that abound in the waters, where there is in the depths of some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Often, these people make diving is exciting to wonder. The discovery of more than 140 species of coral biology in Aqaba Water, among them there are many species that are endemic in this region. There are many other water activities, there are boats PBX and sail boats, water skiing and also can hire rowing boats also.The water skiing enjoyable experience on the boat glass. As that of fishing on the beach is an excellent thing because of the depth of the water near the edge. You can also do fishing from boats.The witness Aqaba on the fourteenth day of November, the anniversary of the birth of King Hussein, a large water festival every year. He used to attend the late King festival, which includes Water sports competitions. The other festivals are held throughout the year... jordan tours underwater 113 20170524 1798373656          

Attractive Places in Aqaba City:

  • New Heritage Museum in Aqaba 

ASEZA launched New Heritage Museum which located near to the middle beach and very close to the fishers port at the same time this museum aims to reflect Aqaba history for all around the world.

The idea for this project came from a group of cadres of local community , which loved Aqaba heritage and keen to revive it and keep it, so this group took it upon themselves to implement this project;  as the implementation of most of the holdings of this museum in a handy and simple local  materials reflecting the heritage and local culture.

The entrance for this museum is for free and its open from 8 Am till 14:00 all days except Fridays.

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  • Souk by the Sea

World Associates – LIFE Center (ACED community Prosperity Initiative Grantee) launched the "Souk by the Sea" in Aqaba.  Souk by the Sea is a weekly street market focused on the promotion of the handicrafts of Aqaba.  

The Souk is a community enhancement project and is funded in part by USAID – Aqaba Community and Economic Development Program – "Community Prosperity initiative", in partnership with Aqaba Development Corporation and ASEZA’s Tourism Directorate and is managed by Mosaic.

Souk by the Sea will feature over 30 local NGO’s and artist’s handicrafts, food, tour operators and live music.  The Souk is open from 10am-8pm every Friday next to Captain’s hotel on Nahdah St. in the center of Aqaba.

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  • The Castle:

Ayla, the first Islamic city outside the Arabian peninsula was built around 650 AD.The early Muslims used to built special urban forms called Misr that included a congregational mosque, a governor s residence and tribal quarters.

You can wonder about the remains of the city wall and its towers and gates, the ruins of the mosque and other buildings.According to our 4-year-old expert, these were ancient sand pits for ancient children.

The castle, which has now turned into a museum, had originally built citadel crusade. It was rebuilt largely by the Mamluks in the fourteenth century. And walk through the streets of the modern city and the visitor will discover some of the best fish restaurants and artisans who are filling out the colored sand in small bottles in complex geometric designs. In the city center in Aqaba, is prospecting for Islamic city of Ayla walled and built in the seventh century.The fort, which was built in the fourteenth century and one of the main parameters that must be seen in Aqaba which is located beside the beach. And includes a section of the fort as a center for visitors last section contains a museum.

Aqaba Public Beaches:are located on the South Coast: 10 minutes drive from the downtown.

The only exception is the Al-Hafayer Beach or Al-Ghandour Beach,that is inside the city.

Diving and snorkeling are the best things you can do in Aqaba, but if you are afraid to go that deep, you can still enjoy the beaches of Aqaba and have a look at the underwater sights from a glass bottom boat or visit the Aquarium at the Marine Science Station..