Tourists’ Transportation In Petra

Tourists’ Transportation In Petra

The head of the authority of the province of Petra Tourism Development, Dr. Mohammed Al nawafleh  said that there are several projects operated currently by the regional authority to implement them soon to promote tourism in the province and an economic solution to most of the existing problems.

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Al nawafleh said during a press conference convened by the Authority in its building on Saturday, that these projects are supportive of new tourist routes launched by the Ministry of Tourism as well as it will promote the province, especially as they came after extensive studies.

He said in the presence of Prime Tourism Association, and representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Tourism Promotion Authority, and a number of owners of tourist offices and travel, that  soon will begin  the establishment of the Heritage Village (Village LG) to be a center for traditional products and crafts produced by the local community and to transfer all hawkers from within the city of Petra , and start a project to develop the city center to resolve the problem of traffic congestion through the nearly 800 parking lot.

He pointed out that  Panorama of Petra project  will be launched soon,  where will shows the patterns of life that was experienced by the Nabateans, in addition to the development of tourist street and standardizing   of colors of all the shops and providing paragliding and new tracks, and said that it will take  90 days  for the completion of the development and expansion of the back street to the city of Petra, which will be used by the "bus environment" that awaits arrival of tourists, which will be transferred to the new tracks and to the  small monastery and Petra.

He said that a  tender is proposed  for electric cars to be used instead of horses, where it will be placed on probation and measure their suitability to the nature of the region, and if successful will be dispensed with horses to transport tourists through the Siq, indicating that the import of these cars was after a meeting convened by the Authority with the owners of these horses and their commitment to the instructions and regulations of the authority.jordan tours petra treasury 536 20170420 1699178937

He said there is a tendency to associate sport and tourism by identifying paths for bicycles SUVs, pointing out that he was establishing a fund to protect the effects of Petra.

He added that will be in the month of August next opening of the new visitor center of Petra, as will open a museum of Petra in next September, pointing to work on the modernization and development of portal Petra archaeological entries and the region, and the establishment of the Jockey Club, in addition to the city parks that will contain replicas of the seven wonders.

He said  soon will begin the work on the  virtual reality and the cable car projects, pointing out that a new instructions regarding the program (Petra By Night) to develop it.