Al Romanah Camp

Al Romanah Camp

Al-Rumanah camp in "Dana" .. for those seeking the beauty of nature and stillness. The camp is located within the boundaries of the Dana reserve, which covers an area of ​​over 300 square kilometers and is considered as one of the most important sanctuaries of Jordan with overlapping strange and large in geographic regions of plant,

and distinguish the diversity of vital vegetarian tremendously within the mountains and plains and desert and valleys,

where it was recording the number of species plant of 833 species, of which three types are recorded for the first time in modern science, while pink is the national bird of the Sinai birds this camp.

Mediates camp Pomegranate, which is one of the facilities Dana Biosphere green spot, within the parts of the system natural cypress trees chives, and rock formations rosacea, which is visiting the splendor and calm place scented breezes juniper and oak wormwood and Caper, and Tweet Bird Pink "national".dana natural reserve 25 20170420 1042835008


The site includes environmental, places to observe birds and wildlife, as well as places for stargazing at night thanks to the silence of the place and quiet, where no noise from any source, nor the presence of the TV or the radio and ringtones phones at this site, which provides for the visitors 20 tent to spend the night, and found to prolong the stay Visitors local and foreign affordable....

The camp aimed to embodiment of ecotourism in the reserve and anchor of its projects, to take advantage of environmental resources available and preservation of infringement, at a time when this camp, which contains the capabilities of a normal characteristic, increasing demand from foreign tourists and locals in search of serenity and calm, and an escape from the noise of cities.dana natural reserve 55 20170420 1617123983

The eco-tourism zone Dana and it’s camp are in accordance with the rules of three ensure the sustainability and aesthetic place and emulate nature and mitigate the negative effects on the site, so as not to exceed the number of visitors sixty visitors during the day and seventy-five visiting a resident for more than a day, while not adjust season visit The first of March until the first of the month of October of each year.

The camp receives Visitors hospitality and honor the genuine Arabian-style Arabic through his staff, offering Arabic coffee and tea in the house of hair, and then they can be defined through the facilities of the camp program is intended to denote tourist on this site.